Welcome to our FAQ (frequently asked questions) page. If you are new to QAS International or have a question, you can find quick answers to questions our clients have previously asked here.

Certification Related Questions

8What will you do for us?
QAS provide third-party assessment services in relation to certain ISO management system standards. For more information please Contact Us
9How long will it take to become certified?
That would depend on the standard in question and your commitment to the task, on average it can take between three and nine months to achieve certification
10Do we have to appoint a Quality Manager?
No, however we would recommend you appoint an individual or individuals with responsibility over the maintenance of your management system.
11Do you provide consultancy?
No, QAS International is a certification body. If you require ISO consultancy we recommend you contact International Management Systems Marketing Limited.
12Can I transfer my certification to you?
Yes, simply complete the Contact Form and one of our representatives will be in touch

Audit Related Questions

1What is a certification audit?
A certification audit involves the review of your management system documentation to ensure it meets the requirements of the standard and your own requirements, followed by an assessment of the evidence that your organisation is following the processes, policies and procedures covered by the scope of the particular ISO management system standard
2Is an annual assessment mandatory?
Not necessarily, an assessment has to be conducted at least annually, so you could have more than one assessment in a calendar year. QAS International audit their clients annually
3What is a re-assessment?
If your ISO management system has not been assessed on a regular basis then you may require re-assessment. This will involve a full review of your management system similar to that carried during an initial certification audit
4What is a surveillance assessment?
This type of assessment is conducted, usually annually, on the anniversary of when the certification assessment took place
5What is a Gap Analysis?
A GAP Analysis is an assessment undertaken at the start of the implementation of an ISO standard to establish how compliant an organisation is to that particular standard. If you'd like further information on this topic simply complete the contact QAS form and one of our representatives will be in touch
6Can I fail an assessment?
You fail an assessment if you receive any non-conformances. A non-conformance is the failure to fulfil a requirement. The Auditor is looking for evidence of conformity during your assessment. If they are unable to find it, they would raise a non-conformance
7Is remote auditing an option?
Remote auditing can play a part in the assessment process. For further clarification on whether a remote assessment audit would suit your situation please Contact Us
8What is a 'Scope' of certification?
The audit scope generally includes a description of the physical locations, organizational units, activities and processes that are to be covered by the assessment audit
9How long does it take to receive my certificate?
If you have passed your assessment audit and paid your invoice your certificate can be issued to you within ten working days of your audit assessment date
10Who at my company needs to be available for the ISO audit?
The person or persons responsible for the maintenance of your management system, members of staff with responsibility for areas within the scope of certification and members of top management

Legal Related Questions

1Do I need to grant access to all my records during an audit?
Your Auditor will ask you to provide evidence of conformity during an audit. If this has to involve confidential records we are able to sign a confidentiality agreement if you so wish.
2How do you maintain confidentiality?
Anything seen during your audit will remain confidential. If you have any concerns we are able to sign a confidentiality agreement if you so wish

Non-Conformance questions

1What happens if I have non-conformances?
You will be given a period of time to rectify your non-conformances, depending on the classification. Once the non-conformance has been cleared you can be issued with your certificate
2How many non-conformances can I have before I fault the audit?
It only takes one non-conformance to prevent you from receiving your certificate
3Why is a non-conformance raised?
A non-conformance is raised when there is evidence that a process, policy or procedure related to the management system has not been followed

Finance Related questions

1How much does certification cost?
It will depend on the standard to be audited and the size and complexity of the audit to be conducted, please Contact Us

Post Certification questions

1How long will my certification last?
Certificates issued by QAS International will generally expire after 12 months from the date of the audit
2What happens if I forget to book my surveillance audit?
Don’t worry, our team of Client Co-Ordintors will contact you in good time to book your audit and so ensure that you can continue your certification