About us

QAS International Ltd is an established certification body operating within the UK and selected international markets since 1994. QAS International Ltd. focuses on internationally recognised ISO standards.

We help certify businesses and companies with internationally recognised ISO certifications to improve quality and efficiency within the workplace. Our reputable certifications have enabled us to certify a large number of small to medium-sized businesses working within a variety of sectors.

Companies achieving ISO certification build trust and inspire confidence in customers and business partners within supply chain metrics. ISO certification is widely referred to in the qualification requirements of tendering contracts. 

ISO certification with QAS International Ltd. provides straightforward and unbiased clarification to business partners and customers, demonstrating a quality business relationship. It allows businesses to build trust and inspire confidence in their customers. 

All of this is reinforced by our QAS Mission, Vision and Values, which you can find below:

Our Mission Statement

To deliver high-quality ISO services using the latest technology to international organisations of all sizes and sectors.

Our Vision Statement 

To be recognised as a leading, cost-effective provider of high-quality ISO services internationally. To be widely respected throughout industries for our commitment to assist our clients in achieving their ISO aspirations via our continuous improvement ethos.

Our Values  

  • We are helpful and courteous to customers, and our team is dedicated to delivering excellent service based on understanding their needs. 

  • We aim for a culture of continuous improvement, reviewing and improving our work to add value. 

  • We are committed to excellence through the systematic management of our operations. 

  • We are environmentally aware and endeavour to minimise our environmental footprint. 

  • We constructively review client and staff feedback to reach our full potential and consistently deliver excellent services. 

  • We value and encourage professional development by providing support and learning opportunities to enable everyone to develop to their full potential.

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