About Us

QAS International Ltd. is an established certification company that has been operating within the UK and selected international markets for over 20 years. QAS International Ltd. focus on the internationally recognised ISO standards.

Companies achieving ISO certification build trust and inspire confidence to customers, business partners within supply chain metrics. ISO certification is widely referred to in the qualification requirements of tendering contracts.

ISO certification with QAS International Ltd. provides straight-forward and unbiased clarification to business partners and customers demonstrating a business relationship of quality.

QAS International Ltd.

It is not about QAS International Ltd., but very much about you and your organisation’s business requirement. Possibly the best reason for wanting to implement the standards is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of company operations.

Please consider:

  • Is it a contractual or regulatory requirement?
  • Is it a market requirement or to meet customer preferences?
  • Is it a requirement  within the context of a risk management programme?

Aspects your organisation needs consider:

  • Review several certification bodies
  • The cheapest might prove to be the most costly
  • Is the certificate recognised by your customers?
  • Does the certification body have auditors with experience in your business sector?